L. Michelle Smith is a consumer insights expert who is helping one of the world’s most respected Fortune 10 companies prepare for our nation’s new reality– an unwired, digitally-driven, multicultural and global society.   

Michelle leads Diversity and Citizenship & Sustainability corporate communications for AT&T Global Marketing Organization. She owns nine segments which makeup the fabric of our country: women, veterans, LGBT, disability, 50+, Millennials as well as the three multicultural segments—African American, Hispanic and Asian.  

Her insights-driven campaigns take on heavy issues and light-hearted topics that endear consumers to the AT&T brand. Her teams bring home the most impressive awards and results–billions of impressions by the year.   Each major initiative begins with a core insight, establishes an authoritative voice then seeps into the hearts and minds of consumers.

With campaigns like Inspired Mobility, Live Proud and It Can Wait, her teams have taken segment programs total market and general market programs to the segments.  She built a non-existent diversity comms practice in only a few years and continues to refine her approach to culturally-nuanced communications.

Her vision is to break down more silos while building a unique practice within AT&T’s Global Marketing Organization. She has more than 20 years’ experience as an integrated marketer and communicator at global agencies and her own boutique agency. She is also a speaker, writer and proud mom.