Call for Book Chapters

Social Media: Safe Spaces or Dangerous Terrain

Editors: Kehbuma Langmia & Tia Tyree


Social Media communications have changed human existence. They have stormed the human communicative sphere with new platforms, terminologies, influencers, and communication mediums unbeknownst to mankind. As a result, we are pushed and pulled by multiple, sometimes interrelated forces, to either comply or be left out. Most, if not all, countries have joined the bandwagon and have restructured their human communication to address the demands of social media. This is unprecedented and has, if not already, caused a paradigm shift in governmental, non-governmental, corporate and civic societies.

This edited book will contribution research in this new media sphere by presenting scholarly studies for and against the argument that social media communications are both dangerous and positive for human communication. Editors are seeking thoughtful works that investigate this  “new public sphere” and investigate how social media are potentially a danger to human communication and human existence, revolutionary in their abilities to create safe spaces for “othered” communities to communicate.

The tentative book title is Social Media: Dangerous Spaces or Safe Terrains. Authors are welcomed to provide a chapter proposal on a topic of interest or one of the following topics:

  • Social Media and Privacy
  • Social Media and Security
  • Social Media and Business Practices
  • Social Media and Race
  • Social Media and Gender
  • Social Media and Sexuality
  • Social Media and International Relations
  • Social Media and Ethics
  • Social Media and Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations
  • Social Media and Politics
  • Social Media and Law
  • Social Media and Health
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Practices
  • The Dark Web
  • Social Media and Violence
  • Cyberbullying

Guidelines For Submission:

Chapter proposals should be sent via email to Drs. Kehbuma Langmia ( and Tia Tyree ( Both are Professors in the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication within the Cathy Hughes School of Communications at Howard University.

1) Accepted proposals must be 3-6 pages.

2) Use APA for in-text citation and references.

3) The introduction should be an overview as well as an explanation of the problem


4) Background and literature review should cover an array of research materials that have helped

to reshape your problem statement.

5) The content of proposal should contain verifiable details on social media activities that you

will analyze in the final chapter.

6) Please specify the conceptual, meta-analytical, methodological and theoretical groundings for

your study. A detailed discussion of their relevance to the overall study will be appreciated.


All chapter proposals are due via email by January 15, 2019.

Accepted authors will have until May 31, 2019 to submit final chapters. The book will be published by Lexington Press.