About the Conference

Co-founded by Howard University and Bowie State University in 2009, the Social Media Technology Conference & Workshop brings together scholars and professionals who are experts in the area of social media to share their perspectives on the shifting paradigm in the academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations orchestrated by digital and social media in this era of technological determinism. As social media continue to influence all areas of our lives, it is important to examine and debate not only the use of various social media tools in different contexts, but how they change the manner in which individuals, academics, business owners and the government make use of this media. This two-day intensive conference combines panel discussions, posters sessions, roundtables and hands-on workshops designed to enlighten scholars and practitioners about social media and provide them with the knowledge to create and effectively utilize social media in different contexts.

Working with past presenters and other researchers, the conference co-founders edited Social Media: Pedagogy and Practice. The book examines how interactive technologies can be applied to teaching, research and the practice of communication. It demonstrates how social media can be utilized in the classroom to build the skillsets of students going into journalism, public relations, integrated marketing, and other communications fields. It is currently on pre-order through Amazon and University Press of America.